About Us

Oroloro Entertainment was formed by Marc Baron and Joe Cirillo for the purpose of developing/financing, producing and marketing low/modest-budgeted independent motion pictures. Please note: Oroloro Entertainment is only focused on currently owned projects, and not accepting any submissions, nor do we provide any financing or funding services.

The company name, Oroloro®, is a palindrome — a derivative of the Spanish words for “gold” and “parrot” — and a registered service mark® of Oroloro Entertainment. Oroloro Entertainment is a manager-managed two-partner Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Florida.

The overall emphasis of Oroloro is on character-driven comedy/romantic comedy. However, Oroloro has some projects in ‘reserve’ allowing us to adapt to the ever-changing tastes of audiences, including police stories, suspense and horror.

Joe and Marc have combined their creative talents, unrelenting drive and professional liaisons—and amassed a team of experienced, talented and award-winning professionals—to create independent films. Oroloro makes high demands of those it selects to work with; In addition to their professional experience and abilities, we require our team members to be positive minded, reliable and trustworthy – and all must possess a passionate belief in the scripts and a positive upbeat attitude. Working together with like minded individuals we are creating independently produced entertaining and marketable feature films. Oroloro is dedicated to shooting film in the USA under SAG-AFTRA contracts.

Mission Statement

Oroloro is focused on making entertaining and uplifting romantic comedy and comic feature films, with modest budgets, which will cross many markets and media worldwide.