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Oroloro is working with hedge fund managers and other corporate fundraising entities, as well as with private investors – also known as angels – and ‘finders.’ This web site is not an offering. Oroloro is seeking low- and mod- level private investors. Once funding is in place this page will be a portal for any financiers of a project. For the time being this page will refer to a film as an investment in general. Once in production investors will be able to follow progress reports via Twitter (Oroloro), Facebook (Group: Oroloro Entertainment), Skype (Oroloro), and view behind the scene photos and videos on the investor page.

Global box office for all films released in each country around the world in 2014 have reached $36.4 billion, up 1% over 2013, Althought down 5%, movie theaters continue to draw more people combined that all theme parks and major US sports combined. In this day and age of instant, mobile and at-home entertainment, film still rakes in ample amounts of revenue, enjoying a multitude of viewing platforms, creating a longer shelf life and proving for income down the ‘long tail.’

During turbulent financial times, such as what we are currently experiencing, film investment becomes more appealing for several reasons. Film investment risk is not tied to Wall Street; the value of the film does not increase or decrease with the closing bell. In fact, film revenue has shown a historical pattern that during difficult times “box office” goes up. The NY Times has listed film as “low risk” investment. Comedies, feel-good films, uplifting films and films that allow the audience member to “escape” have the highest appeal. Oroloro Entertainment’s  projects’ overall qualify have high-appeal.

December 18, 2015, Congress approved a spending package that includes a provision to help filmmakers by renewing the Section 181 Federal Film Tax Incentive. The code allows investors to deduct their investment as soon as the film production begins, then later claim any returns as income in future years (limited by passive income rules). Though the incentive has expired, our film MegaBall$ has been grandfathered in – so investors retain the ability to deduct their investment in MegaBall$ against passive income.

The revenue projections for Oroloro’s project. MEGABALL$ are very favorable, and the timing is perfect – accredited investors may want to look further at this comedy film now raising funds. READ MORE. (SEC Rule 506c Reg D Offering) and, remember, the investment may be deducted against passive income.

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