Tag Line: Ya’ never know when your number’s up.
Alt Tag Lines: Grab life by the balls … or … Every hero has his dork side … or … Odds to die for

Logline: When a computer geek, determined to prove he can predict winning lotto results, uncovers his plan has been bankrolled by the Mob, he struggles to beat the odds before his number’s up.

Comedy Written by Marc Baron;  Copyrighted © Registered WGA East. Expected rating: PG-13

Screencraft semiMegaBall$ screenplay has now received 29 accolades and laurels from screenplay contests and film festivals. At Sundance 2017 we tied for first place at a pitch contest with the Utah Film Commission. You can see the full list HERE.

The project is now financing seeking accredited investors under a SEC Rule 506c Regulation D qualified offering.  #MegaBalls  #Mballs

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