Films In Development

 The following is a list of feature films currently in development. Click on the title for details


Tag line: You never know when your number’s up! Award winning screenplay about computer geeks, the lottery and the mob. Status: Seeking private equity for 2021 filming. MegaBall$ Web Site

Love Of A Lifetime

Tag Line: True love never sleeps with the fishes.
Can true love conquer all, even if you’re dead?

A farce that takes place behind-the-scenes at a film festival involving an aging actress and her lothario ex-husband.

Don’t Call Me Cisco

Set during the 1800’s Wild West, on the Mexico / Texas border, this comic tale of an inept group of bandits who inadvertently become heroes.

Have No Fear

A naïve and neurotic plumber witnesses a murder by a major mob boss, and hides in phobia clinic.


Second Team

A stand-in/look-a-like for a major star is mistaken by the Mob as the star. A comic twist on the classic tale, “The Prince and the Pauper.”

Blue Shirts

A police drama based on real events during the 1960’s Tong Wars and the diverse police squad that defeated them.


While on an outing in the Florida Everglades four students and a Seminole witch-doctor conjure up an evil spirit known as a Stikini. Based on Seminole beliefs.