In this new era of digital access so many new filmmakers are developing exciting stories. However, many are bound to fail simply because they not aware of proper screenplay formatting and why it’s important. For example, an experienced producer can estimate the running time of a film by the length of the script. The more prestigious producers and productions companies will immediately toss a script if it appears amateurish — if it’s poorly formatted, if it has spelling errors and bad grammar, and if it’s rife with amateurish traps. Why would you put forth anything better than your best? We only get one chance to make that first impression, so why not be prepared?

Oroloro is now offering the following screenplay services:

  • Basic: Properly format your screenplay to industry standards, fix spelling and grammar errors
  • Mid: Refine your writing to avoid the many traps new screenwriters fall into
  • Evaluation: Give an overall evaluation of the story.
  • Extensive: Help with extensive rewrites

We don’t give flat-rate prices. The amount of time needed will depend on the amount of work needed. We base our rates on $50 per hour. For more information, contact us.   We can also help you arrange readings, or to have a professional line producer create a budget, character breakdown, schedule and more, all for reasonable rates.

We also accept bookings for speaking engagements about independent film and our projects. We have addressed several groups of the Molloy College Lifelong Learning Institute.

“Thanks to the sound advice,  professional script analysis and editing by Marc Baron (of Oroloro), my short film, Knucks won three film festivals: The Universal City Festival, The NY Italian American Short Film Festival and New York City Film Festival. Marc’s a pleasure to work with and his fees is very reasonable.”

 —Richie Allan