Love of a Lifetime

Tag Line: True love never sleeps wit the fishes. What if you combined It’s a Wonderful Life, with Topper and The Sopranos…? An angel wannabe is sent on his final mission, which he believes is to help two neighboring couples of different generations fix their marital problems, only to find that he is his own mission.  This sentimental romantic comedy is set in bucolic southern Florida and tells the story of three couples: one young, one old and one dead, who have their lives – and afterlives – collide in a heartwarming tale with various levels of comedy, including satire, physical shtick, and over 75 hidden film references. It’s truly an uplifting story made in heaven, an old-fashioned feel-good movie….with heart….and laughs.

Optioned; in development for production in Vienna, Austria. MORE

Romantic Comedy w/ Fantasy
Written by Marc Baron, Richard Wolf and Joe Cirillo
Copyrighted ©, registered WGA East; expected PG-13 rating